Kubernetes 101: the guide to the operating system of the future


A complete guide to the key tool for IT teams

Application management involves a significant workload for IT teams, which can no longer be tackled without the standardization of processes and the use of automation. This is why containers and orchestrators are used.

Kubernetes is the container orchestrator that is establishing itself as the key tool to facilitate the management of modern distributed IT infrastructures, so much so that it is considered the operating system of the future.

In the White Paper you'll find:

  • What is Kubernetes and how its use in IT teams is growing;
  • How its key elements work: containers, Docker, pods, namespaces and clusters;
  • The management, optimization and speed benefits to be expected;
  • How to get started on Kubernetes using kind;
  • What are the different software deployment methods to be adopted based on the specific scenario;
  • What tools and skills are needed to manage Kubernetes.

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