Why and how to evolve into a Platform Company

Bring the customer at the center with flexible, scalable, and modular IT systems

In an increasingly hyper-competitive and interconnected business environment, companies are modernizing their IT systems to ensure maximum flexibility, responsiveness, and interoperability, and to adapt quickly to new digital challenges.

Platform Companies are the future: seven of the ten largest global companies, like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Alibaba, have led the way in adopting the Platform Company model*, which is quickly spreading to companies around the world and of all sizes.

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  • Why and how to transform your company into a Platform Company;
  • What are the benefits of evolving into a Platform Company;
  • How the new business model supports Customer Centricity;
  • The strategic importance of a composable approach to ensure speed, flexibility and scalability of enterprise IT systems.

*(Source: “Digital/McKinsey: Insights, Winning in digital ecosystem”)

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