The new era for the Utility sector: the Digital Integration Hub (DIH)


Rely on a Digital Integration Hub while gaining performance, scalability, and data availability.

Real-time data consumption, automated digital onboarding, IoT device integration, and new alliances with business partners are the disruptive forces that are continuously transforming the energy and utility industry.

To thrive in this new digital era, organizations should move toward the best technologies and have a more innovative mindset.
Utility organizations should meet these business needs with adaptability and speed, but it is not always so easy.

How can they address and overcome digital challenges and improve service offerings?

Thanks to this infographic, you will discover:

  • How the Digital Integration Hub (DIH) pattern can help the utility industry to meet market and customer needs;
  • The advantages that this architectural model brings;
  • How to overcome the digital challenges with speed and innovation.