Mobility Integration Portal:
The External Developer Portal for Data Exchange Standards

Mobility Integration Portal-1

65% of mobility stakeholders are not really familiar with Data Exchange Standards set by the regulation.

Providers want to offer an end-to-end seamless travel experience that covers the whole passenger journey.

Integrated Mobility has become the main trend for Transportation Companies.

In this context, regulators are moving forward to set up mobility international rules. It becomes crucial to set standards for the exchange of data between transportation providers, such as NeTEx, SIRI, GTFS, TOMP-API etc...

By submitting this form you get access to the Mobility Integration Portal, an example of an External Developer Portal with:

  • Documentation: 
    A body of knowledge in which you can find more information about each data standards;
  • Marketplace:
    A self-service catalog where you can find and test all the Standards APIs;
  • API Portal:
    An interface where you can try out all the endpoints of the services exposed in the marketplace.