Fast Data - Why overcoming Big Data is better for companies and has advantages

Analyze data in real‑time

How do you transform your company into a Data‑driven company? Thanks to Fast‑Data, which is a flow of data and is analyzed in real‑time to obtain helpful insights and generate new business value.

Some numbers of Fast Data:

  • more than three‑quarters of companies choose Fast‑Data solutions to stay on the market;
  • 26% of the companies are using Fast Data for most/all of their applications;
  • more than 150 billion devices in the world will be connected by 2025 and will be generating real‑time data;
  • real‑time data will be almost 30% of the Datasphere by 2025.

Discover the value of Fast‑Data and transform your company into a Data‑Driven Company.
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